You have heard of “Alice In Wonderland”, well this is the story of Angi in Fantasy


            Once upon a time there was a teenage girl named Angi. She was a fun girl who dreamed

of one day meeting a unicorn. She had read so much about them that she knew they had to be

beautiful creatures.

            One gorgeous summer day while riding her bike through the park she saw this exquisite

light that drew her to it. As she got closer, it became a magnificent purple and seemed to touch

the ground. She quickly blinked her eyes and when she opened them, there in front of her

stood the most picturesque creature she had ever seen. It was a Unicorn! A very stunning Purple

Unicorn with a mane the color of Teal and a Golden horn. Angi stood there very shocked and

could not believe what she was seeing.

            The unicorn looked at Angi and said, “Hello, my name is Iris and I have been sent here

to find you and take you back to Fantasy Kingdom. We have been watching you for a few years

and agree you deserve to have your wish come true. There are a few rules you must agree to first.”  

Angi thought for a few minutes, and then she agreed to follow the rules, so she asked Iris what the

rules were.

            Iris replies, “First, you have to agree to live by what you learn in Fantasy Kingdom. You

will be allowed to tell only one person and that person must be as much a believer as you are.”

“O.K.”, Angi replies. “I know just the person. She is my best friend, and we both believe

in the magic of unicorns.”

“Second,” Iris states, “once you stop believing you will forget this adventure ever happened.”

Angi replies, “No worry, I will never stop believing, no matter what anyone says I will

always defend you.”

“Great then, hop on and let's get this adventure started.” Iris excitedly tells Angi. So

Angi hops on Iris' back and off they go into the ‘wild blue yonder'.

It didn't take long to get to Fantasy Kingdom. Soaring in the sky Angi could see it was a beautiful island full of lots of color and unicorns of every size and color. There was also....'What are those?' Angi thinks to herself. “Oh my God those are Fairies! Wow, to think there really are Unicorns and Fairies!” Angi exclaims excitedly before she could realize she was talking out loud. Angi's hopes weren't just imaginary, there really was an island with unicorns, and she couldn't believe it.

What Angi didn't realize was, she had been sent to earth by her evil stepmother, when she was an infant, so she could not rein as Princess over Fantasy Kingdom. She was turned into a human girl and made to live in their society under their rules and laws. Now that her father, King Komet, has finally found her, he has her brought back to Fantasy Kingdom to learn the 8 Golden Commandments from the 8 wisest Unicorns. These commandments are: LOVE taught by Charity, COMPASSION taught by Patsy, TRUE FREINDSHIP taught by Cheryl, TRUST taught by Curt, HONESTY taught by Beverly, LOYALTY taught by Jimmy, FORGIVENESS taught by Al and VIRTUE taught by SaBrina.

“Upon completing each lesson you will be given a charm representing each commandment,” King Komet lovingly tells her, “which you can add to this necklace.” King Komet gently slips the necklace onto Angi.

            So Angi sets off to find Charity and receive her first lesson. She finds Charity in the Rose Garden. Charity teaches her about Love and the many sides of it. To start off with Charity asks her if she has ever had a friend that she is close to. Of course, Angi responds with “YES, my friend Kathy. She is like my sister.”

“Great”, Charity says, “that is one form of love, and then you have the love of your parents and the love of family.”

“WOW! I didn’t realize there were so many types of loves.”

“Well of course there is and those are just a few. Some day you will fall in love with a man and have a family of your own. You have the love of life, the love of school and many other things you will figure out  as life goes on. There is always room in your heart for different kinds of love. Do you think you understand love now?” 

“Oh yes, love is not a word that has only one meaning and I can love many things and people at one time. This does not make me fickle but it makes me a large hearted person who is not afraid to give a piece of her heart when ever it is needed.”

“Great now you can go on to the next lesson. Here is your first charm.

Charity then sends Angi to Patsy's Cottage where Patsy runs a home for troubled unicorns. There Angi will learn about Compassion. At the cottage she learns that not everyone has a perfect childhood, some kids are abused. She learns to use her love and show sympathy to these poor kids. All they wanted was to feel wanted and useful but instead they grew up in troubled homes and now need a lot of help to become productive. She receives her second charm.  She spends the night with Patsy after an exhausting day of learning.

She never realized so much diversity could be part of this world. She has a special bond with one of the teens, Shirly, who has no problem confiding in Angi. Angi promises to always keep in touch with Shirly, before she leaves Shirly takes her off to the side and tells her, “Angi, I feel so comfortable talking to you. Will you be my big sister?”

“Of course. I can think of nothing better to be to you. I cherish this bond we have. Please feel free to call me anytime, day or night, if you need someone to talk to. I will always be there for you. I love you.”

The next morning she is then sent off to Friendship Island to meet with Cheryl. Cheryl takes all day to teach her the values of Friendship.

“This is going to be one of the most important lessons you will learn other than love. To be a friend of someone you must always be there for each other, you have to learn to hear what they say not judge, to give guidance and advice, and to share lives.”

“This sounds like it is going to be very hard. I have to do all those things just to be a friend?”

“Most definitely, friends are very special people. There are no better people than friends.”

“So it is kinda like with Shirly, all those things she told me about her life. I listened to her and didn’t interrupt; I told her if she ever needed someone to talk to day or night she could call me. I let her know that everything would be all right and if she studies hard in school she can do anything she wants. Is this what you are talking about?”

“Yes dear, you became her friend but only if you meant what you said and you DO let her call you anytime night or day and you are always there for her, if you meant those things then you became her friend.” She stays the night at Cheryl's and falls asleep on the couch after playing a game of cards.          

The next morning Cheryl gives her the third charm and sends her off to Hollow Mountain to meet Curt and learn of Trust. First thing Curt does is sit her down and explain that in order to trust someone you have to have confidence in them. In other words, you have to be able to rely on that person in hopes they will guide you in the right direction. “Say you have something bothering you,” Curt starts out, “you have to be able to rely on me to guide you to do the right thing in order for you to feel you can tell me. Do you understand?”

“Oh yes, this goes back to Compassion where I met a girl named Shirly. She told me a lot about her life and what had happened to her. I thought it was because she needed a friend, now I realize it was also because she trusted me.”

“Excellent! You do understand. Here is your next charm.

From there she goes to a humble cottage where she meets Beverly to learn about Honesty. “Hello dear. How are you?”

“I am fine. I am really excited about learning honesty.”

“Do you believe you are an honest person?”

“Yes, my mom raised me to never lie and to always be honest, does that count?”

“Yes but that is not all there is to being honest. You also need to be sincere, dependable and truthful.”

“I believe I am. I always am at school, I get good grades. I don’t lie but what does sincere mean?”

“Well sweetie that means to be pure and genuine. In other words to be you and don’t pretend to be someone else.”

 “Oh I am definitely that!”

“Good then I think we are done here. This is your next charm.”

 She leaves Beverly's, happily skipping to the Castle to stay in the room King Komet has set up for her.

She humbly shows King Komet her necklace. He exclaims, “You are getting quite a collection which means you are a great student. I am proud of you.”

After breakfast she leaves to go to Dreamy Falls to meet with Jimmy to learn about Loyalty. “Hey Jimmy I’m here where are you?”

“Over here kiddo”

“I’m ready to learn about loyalty.”

“Great, this should be easy. It ties in with everything you have learned already. Loyalty means to be faithful. In other words you don’t pretend with someone. In other words, you don’t make someone believe you like them then after they tell you something or do something with you, you don’t go and say something bad about them.”

“I get it. My friend Shirly told me a secret and in order to be loyal to her I don’t tell it to anyone else without her permission. Is that correct?”

“Yes sweetie. As I said this is tied in with every thing you have learned so far. Now go for a nice swim before you have to leave. Oh by the way, here is your newest charm.”

 “Gee thanks.”

 After swimming in the cool waters she heads to Falana Forrest to meet Al and learn Forgiveness, which she knows is going to be the hardest lesson to learn.

“Al, where are you?” she calls from the edge of the forrest.

“Right here girl, at the first cottage on your right.”

“Hi, I’m Angi, glad to meet you.”

“Well forgiveness will be your hardest lesson. It is the one thing that people find the hardest to do.”

“I know. I have hard time forgiving someone who has done me wrong. For example, finding out what my stepmom did to me by sending me away so I couldn’t rein as Princess, is something I find hard to forgive.”

“That is a hard one but you have to remember if God can forgive those who were so abusive to his son then we should not find it hard to forgive.”


            “God forgave those who hung his son on the cross to die. Also, Jesus died so we would be forgiven for ALL of our sins.” “So if someone does something wrong to me, I should forgive them?”

“Forgive but you don’t have to forget. It takes a bigger person to forgive than it does to harbor bad feelings. Plus if you harbor bad feelings you will just ‘eat yourself to death’ so to say.”

“Ok I will try hard to always remember to forgive.”

She gets her charm and  goes to Heavenly Haven to meet SaBrina. She is instructed to go upstairs, to the most beautiful room she has seen and get a good night sleep for tomorrow she will learn about Virtue.

“Virtue”, SaBrina says, “means goodness. I don’t mean you have to be a goody two shoes just that in order to have virtue, you need to have morals. Morals mean you know right from wrong and you always do the right thing.”          

“Well, that I the way my mother raised me. She always told me if I chose the ‘wrong way’ I would have to pay the consequences. So I always try to look at both sides and do what is right.”

“Good then my job is done. Take your charm and go now. Don’t forget to use all you have learned to live a good and vital life.”

            Now that she has learned the following meanings:

                              LOVE: Passion, Emotion, Enjoyment

                             COMPASSION: Sympathy

                             TRUE FRIENDSHIP: Always there for each other to listen not judge, Give        guidance and advice, Share lives

                             TRUST: Hope, Confidence

                             HONESTY: Sincere, Dependable, Truthful

                             LOYALTY: Trueness, Faithfulness

                             FORGIVENESS: Pardon

                             VIRTUE: Goodness

She now has needs to go back to Earth and teach her best friend, Kathy, that entire list of Commandments and Kathy needs to apply it to her everyday life. If this is accomplished then Angi will be able to become Princess Angi of Fantasy Kingdom! So it is off to Earth for Angi.

            Angi finds Kathy in the park. She excitedly runs to Kathy yelling, “Kathy I have missed you so much!”

            “What do you mean, Silly? We were just hanging around yesterday?”

“Something really strange happened yesterday after you left. You know how we are always talking about unicorns and collecting anything and everything we can on them? Well they really do exist!”

            “What in the world do you mean? I know we have always felt they exist but you sound so positive, like you have seen one.” Kathy says.

            “I have, in fact, I am REALLY one!!” Angi excitedly tells Kathy. “See, I just found out that my stepmother was so jealous of me becoming a Princess, she actually thought I would remove her as Queen, that she sent me to live on Earth as a human when I was a mere infant.”

            “OH MY GOD! You have to be kidding! I always knew there was something different about you.” Kathy says.

            “No, I'm not kidding. My father, King Komet, has been looking for me for many years and FINALLY he found me here and he sent a beautiful unicorn to find me and bring me back. He had the eight wisest unicorns take me off and teach me the 8 Golden Commandments of Fantasy Kingdom. Now that I know the 8 Golden Commandments I was sent back here to teach them to someone, a true believer. Look at the cool necklace I got for learning all of those  Commandments.” Angi replies.

            “And who do you believe is a 'true believer’, if you don't mind me asking?” asks Kathy.

            Angi seriously replies, “Who do you think dingy? You, of course. But once I teach you, you are going to have to learn to live by them otherwise if you quit or quit believing in Unicorns then I will lose my Princess title.”

            Naturally Kathy replies, “You can always count on me.”

            So off they go to continue their day (and weeks) like always, playing, talking, just having a good old time, all the while Angi is teaching Kathy everything she learned. Of course Angi is taking her time teaching Kathy the commandments because she doesn't want Kathy to miss anything, after all this is her future she is teaching.

            Well, here it was the end of summer and school was soon going to start. Angi has finished teaching Kathy all that she has learned. The girls are sitting in the park when suddenly that same striking purple light appears and there before them stands Iris. Iris and Angi greet each other and Angi introduces Iris to Kathy.

            “Iris, I want you to meet my best friend Kathy. We have been working all summer on the 8 Golden Commandments. I think Kathy has learned them well.”

            “I agree”, says Iris. “Now my question is, are you ready to leave Earth and go back to Fantasy Kingdom?”

            “I am but I'm not”, Angi replies. “You see I know I have done a good job teaching Kathy and all but, I'm not sure if I am ready to leave her. We have been such good friends for so long. It will be lonesome in Fantasy Kingdom without her. She has always been there for me.”

            “More than you know, Angi” Iris says.

            “What do you mean?” Angi and Kathy ask in unison.

            “Well, dear Angi, the reason Kathy and you have bonded so well is because....” Iris pauses.

            “Why? Why?” the girls again ask in unison.

            Iris can't hold herself back, so before she spoils the surprise she says, “Hop on both of you and I will explain.” So the girls hop on Iris' back and off they fly to Fantasy Kingdom. Upon arrival at Fantasy Kingdom the girls notice a Kingdom-wide party going on.

            “What is this all about?” Angi asks, as she notices a banner that reads: “WELCOME HOME PRINCESS ANGI AND PRINCESS KATHY”.

            Before Iris can answer, magnificent glitter (better known as fairy dust) floats down from everywhere and  Angi turns into a beautiful Purple unicorn and Kathy turns into a beautiful fairy, with long golden hair and light purple wings.

            “OH MY GOD!” both girls exclaim, “What’s happening here?

            “You both are Princesses”, King Komet replies. “Angi you are Princess Angi of the Unicorns and Kathy you are Princess Kathy of the Fairies. When I heard what my ex-wife had done to my beautiful daughter I asked my friend King Tudur if he would allow his daughter Kathy to also go

to Earth and keep an eye on Angi until I could find it safe to bring both girls back. Kathy this is

true your  dad, King Tudur.”

            The girls were both so happy to learn of their true identity and to know they would always

be able to be  together. Angi was especially happy knowing that she did not have to

choose between coming back to Fantasy Kingdom to become a Princess and leaving Kathy on

Earth or their  growing old together as true friends do.

            So now that the girls knew their true destinies they joined in the festivities. They had

Learned valuable lessons on Earth but were grateful to know that all their fantasies weren't

fantasies at all but their true identities.

            Princess Angi and Princess Kathy remained friends their whole lives and lived happily

ever after in the most beautiful kingdom on Earth.               



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