Unexpected Sex

went to my friend's house after work one Friday night. It had been arranged and we were having a sleepover. Earlier that day in work my boss had fingered me and I was feeling more horny than usual. No one knew I was sleeping with my boss and was on the pill. I asked him to have sex with me that night but he had to get home to his wife so I went to my friend's house feeling rather randy. Anyway long story short we was in bed and online chatting to friends on her laptop when her bedroom window gently knocked. It was real late but I guess that's why he came to her window. It was her bf. She let him in and he had to try to make as little noise as poss cause her parents were in bed in the next room. He climbed into the bed with us and lying beside her they started kissing. I plugged my headphones into my ears and started listening to some toones. There I was like a major gooseberry lying in my friend's bed wearing my PJ shirt and shorts and listening to my ipod when I felt something brush against my leg. My friend was between me and her bf. Her back was to me as she cuddled and kissed him. His arms were wrapped around her and his hand was on her butt. As it moved back and forth the back of it rubbed against my thigh. At first I was going to move but I kinda enjoyed it and it was moving a lot so I left my leg there. After a bit I thought that maybe he was using his hand more to feel me than my friend so I slid down the bed a bit. I positioned myself further down and his hand moved up her back. I moved my chest towards it and sure enough after a bit of fiddling his hand was pressing into my right breast through my shirt. I started feeling randy again and slipped a hand inside my PJ shorts. As I rubbed myself I moved my boob so that the back of his hand was feeling it. He must've known what I was doing because he turned his hand round and groped me. My heart raced. It was so exciting that I felt myself getting wetter. I opened a button on my shirt and his hand slipped inside. Within seconds he had my bare breast in his hand. I'm not sure if my friend knew exactly what was going on but she rolled over onto him making him remove his hand from me. They were getting very frisky but I knew they wouldn't have sex cause she was a virgin. She thought I was one too. I was still touching myself when I looked over and saw his ****. She was pulling him off and when I looked he saw me. His eyes locked on mine. I was so horny. I looked at his **** again and then my friend took her hand away and I saw it in all its glory before he moved onto her and used it to rub against her PJ's. Thankfully I couldn't hear their little noises and I just listened to my music and pretended to go to sleep. Eventually my friend fell asleep and I expected her bf to leave but before he did his hand returned. This time he reached straight over and grabbed my boob. I looked down at his hand then over at his eyes again. They had a look in them that I will never forget. He wanted me. I opened my shirt completely and let his hand wander freely from *** to *** before he dragged his body over my sleeping friend and on top of me. Lying on me I felt his hands pull and tug at my shorts until he removed them. His **** was still out of his pants and was rock hard and rubbing me between the legs. As soon as he wrestled my shorts off he entered me. I felt his entire length open me up and his body pressed down on me as he pushed inside. My mind was racing but my body was buzzing and all the while Jessie J was blasting Lazerlight into my ears. I couldn't hear him but felt his breath on my face each time he bucked into me. It was as if he too could hear the tune I was playing because as it built up so did his rhythm. I pushed my tiny body up towards him but he was so big and heavy he bucked me back down then speeding up almost in time with the music he relased his load into me. He jerked his last drops into me then stood up and fixed himself. I watched him leave through the window before the song stopped and then I looked down at my nearly naked body which was dripping with his *** and I smiled. They say music is the soundtrack to your life and now every time I listen to that song I can feel him thrusting inside me and ******* in me.. amazing!
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You sure know how to turn me on,young lady.You write well,would love to see your pictures
better still would love to be doing you like he did but with me eating you first.

He is definatly one lucky bastard

Wow! Loved the story! Wish my GFs had friends like you!

Loved the story Iived that story from the boy side and you brought back the memory.
thank you your awsome

Wow that's hot as **** I wouldn't have left till you came in my mouth x

WOW...you are such a naughty girl.....the world needs more like you....or maybe I just don't know where to look.....Please add me so I don't miss a thing.


Hot story! Did she ever find out?

you are absolutely horny and i love you for that! would you allow me to *** inside you?

Very hot story! Good for you...

******* your friends bf while she was right next to you must have been such a turn on. I wish it was me instead of him.

wow what a nice story...

Very hot story! Did your girlfriend ever find out?

wow that was amazing!!!!!!!!

WOW, what a great story, I came when he did, filling you up. Reminded me of the time I was dating a girl for about a week. I was about 23 or 24, she was 18 and her best friend was like 16. I was living in a rescue mission in Denver CO., this was the early 90's. I was moving out the next day, but I had snuck the girl and her friend in to spend the night (I had a key for the upstairs offices that no one knew about and that I wasn't supposed to have.) I ended up ******* the friend that night out in the hallway. My GF woke up and saw us, but the next morning when she confronted us, I convinced her she was dreaming the event. After they left, her friend told her that we ******, but said it was rape. That day the cops were at the mission as I was moving out. Scared the **** out of me. I met a detective a couple days later. I admitted nothing. He told me he knew we had sex, but he also believed it was consensual. He told me he was keeping my name on his desk for the next year and he better never hear of me again. That man scared the **** out of me too, but more than anything I remember ******* my GF's friend bareback in the offices of the Denver Rescue Mission in the early 90's the day before I moved out.

I know I know. Thanks for clarifying that fact for me and everyone else! :)

Only if I know the public I am physically near at the time... :)

awesome story

HOT HOT story...... made me hard !!!!


A great story. I wish i could join you ;)