That Day

that day will always be in my mind the first time we in your flower sun dress me in shorts you had come out of the store to find you had a flat tire when i saw you looking at it like whats now i stoped to see if i could help your eyes lit up and said thanks . after getting you spare on you ask if you couldpay me for my help i said only if you would let me buy you a drink.
at the bar just down the road you slide in next to me and soon i feel your fingers on my leg after 2 drinks and yourhands on my leg working up and down i ask if you would like to come back to my place you say you dont think so hows bout we go to the mens room now this was a first for me but i go in to check that no one was there and you follow we lock the door and you go to your knees and pull down my shorts and take me in your mouth in one quick move i feel my **** go further and further down till i am all the way in knowing that i wont last much longer like this i pull you up and set you down on the sink lifting you dress over my head as i go i find a bare ***** waiting for me i lick up the juices that are leaking out but i cant keep up you are so wet i then put a finger into your hot tight ***** and you tell me more so i put in two as i am pulling out you tell me to put one in your *** so now i am finger ******* your *** and ***** while i am still licking you you start to shake and mon oh my god i am ******* you ask me to **** you hard so i bend you over and pull your dress up over your head and as i enter you from behind you say you want it hard i star pounding you as hard as i can and you say you are comming again i cant hold back any longer and pull you tight and put stream after stream in you
wesmile and you say that was fun .
as we get up to leave i remember i have not ask your name you tell me that this has always been a fantasy so as i kisss you good bye slip my number in your pocket and asy anytime i can help just let me know
racer91 racer91
51-55, M
Nov 27, 2012