It Was Hot!

I still remember the day! It was a Saturday afternoon and i had just finished my lunch! A typical Indian punjabi lunch replete with a pickle that has an aroma which we find intoxicating but is actually very harsh! Wify was away for a few days! My girlfriend called and said her hubby and sons were going out for a evening of golf and she had opted to stay home! That was all the invitation i needed! Her home was an hours drive away but that day i could make it in thirty minutes flat. I reached the door and my **** was hard and my hands were shaking. I wanted her more than anything in the world right then.

She opened the door in a gown and i could almost smell her ***** juices. I new she was naked beneath that gown. The moment she bolted the door i was all over her and we were naked in no time. This was the first time that we both came at the same time in a couple of strokes with my **** in her *****!
After that followed almost two hours of passionate sex and snuggling when i came twice in her *****. We still remember that day very fondly as we were both so heightened by the thought of sex that we came almost instantly as we started to ****.......................................

I really hope that happens again!

sashtavtar sashtavtar
41-45, M
Dec 11, 2012