My Safety During My Submissive Sensation.

Even though I might be an extreme Ponygirl and Master might be extreme as well, I’m always his top priority he does tell me this during s*x that I’m his special girl and that he doesn’t want anything to go wrong.

During s*x if it’s hands tied, puppy paws, handcuffs, horses, hooves, I’m given a safe word which means that if I ever feel unhappy then Master immediately takes all the bondage off and he tells me what we could do as an alternative.

If I have a ball or penis gag in my mouth I’m unable to say the safe word but Master has given me a sign I can do with my hooves like clopping one of them on the floor 3 times or something, this also makes Master aware that something isn’t right and stops it right away.

When it comes to the womb ball it is very difficult but Master has an extra zip located somewhere on the egg and he keeps an eye on me from that.

When I’m bondaged to the ceiling Master has some sports sponge mats underneath where I am just in case something goes wrong.

Master always knows what’s safe and what isn’t so Master knows what he can do.

In the case of Pony Mask 2 (The one which has its own oxygen tank master has put a small bit of wood to make sure it doesn‘t go down to beyond a certain level, the safety limiter is at 40%)

Master does allow me to take risks and I’m always prepared to take them. It shows that me and my master do really care for each other.

Master always gives me a sign or safe word to do or say to make sure that it doesn’t get out of control.

Even though Master is an dominant person, he tells me that my safety is always his number 1 and nothing will change that.

When it comes to being in the town and someone attempts to try something on me which I’m not to happy with Master immediately attends to the situation and deals with it. Master loves his Pony and I love him because I am after all Master’s Pet.
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