How Much Do You Love Urine? Enough To Use It In Food Preparation?

I drink my urine directly from my bladder using a 1/4" clear plastic tube as a catheter or I simply pee in a glass. I usually produce a pint of urine when I pee. Sometimes, I use my urine to make my coffee, instant iced tea, oatmeal, juice, pasta, rice, gingerbread, fudge, Jello, and other dishes where urine can be substituted for water. I have posted the following recipes using urine on other Experiences.

Pee Coffee
Fill Mr. Coffee basket with ground coffee measured for the amount of pee you will be using.
Fill carafe with as many cups of pee as you desire.
Drink black or with cream and/or sugar 
Pee Kool-Aid
Empty contents of Kool-Aid package into a large pitcher.
Add 1 cup of sugar or artificial sweetener like Splenda
Add cold pee and ice to make 2 quarts. (Use pee to make ice cubes)
Stir until sugar and Kool-Aid are dissolved.
Pee Jello
Heat 1 cup of pee in the microwave to near boiling.
Chill 1 cup of pee in the refrigerator.
Add Jello to a medium bowl.
Add hot pee to Jello.
Stir until Jello dissolves.
Stir in cold pee.
Refrigerate of 30 to 90 minutes, or until firm.
Pee Oatmeal
Combine 1 cup of pee and oats in a bowl. Optional ingredients may be added also.
Microwave on HIGH 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.
Add milk or cranberry juice cocktail (optional)
Optional ingredients:
          maple syrup
          brown sugar
          white sugar
Stir and serve.
Pee Gingerbread
Stir gingerbread mix (Pillsbury, Betty Crocker), 1 1/4 cups warm pee, and 1 egg in an 8" or 9" square pan, using fork until blended (about 2 minutes).
Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
Serve warm or cool.
Optional ingredient: ice cream
Pee Brownies
Stir brownie mix (Pillsbury, Betty Crocker) 1/2 cup of oil, 1/4 cup pee, and 2 eggs in a bowl.
Beat about 50 strokes.
Spread in greased 9" X 13" or 9" X 9" pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for 28 to 35 minutes
Pee Instant Iced Tea
Add 1 tablespoon of Lipton Instant Iced Tea to 8 oz. (1 cup) of pee.
Stir vigorously.
Add ice (see above) and stir.
Pee Fruit Juice
Mix 1/2 pee with 1/2 chilled orange juice, grapefruit juice, or cranberry juice cocktail.
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11 Responses Apr 11, 2011

I use pee everyday to cook with! Love the extra flavor that it provides!!

me and my bf love pee we only and been drinking straight for now but im so glad to see ways to make it even better ^~^

wish my wife was like you :)

I love this - it definitely gets me wet thinking about it... On a roadtrip my bf had to pee while he was driving, so he peed in my cold, half empty coffee cup... He then jokingly dared me to finish my coffee... Well, since that day he started ******* in my coffee... It soon got to the stage where it wasn't just coffee, he has now started replacing any water in my diet with his hot fresh ****... And I love it! Cannot wait to show him this list for more ideas! ;) x

I have drank my own pee for years. I am just now experimenting with food. I have marinated fruit in pee and ate it. I am going to try ramen noodles, no packet, just pee and a few others where the main ingredient is water. I have heard about ways to sweeten my urine but I prefer the taste as it is. Sometimes my pee is kinda bitter though. I can't drink diet sodas, and I do eat fruit. Any other suggestions to make my pee a little bit less bitter?

Try drinking about a liter of water per day; this will help cut down on the bitterness. I find getting my pee to be a very light yellow means it will taste quite pleasant. I drink a glass a day in the mornings.

I love to meet you

finally someone that enjoys the same things i do !!! ive been drinking my own **** for many years and have aquired a taste for it i fill all of my ice trays with **** and make all my drinks with it as well! anything i cook that calls for water such as hamburger helper i use **** and omg love the aroma of it cooking in my food

I would enjoy having the opportunity to talk with you and learn more about you. Please add me to your Circle. I see that you have just joined EP today, but apparently you have set your options to prevent anyone adding you to their Circle.

well if i did didnt mean to hun i want to talk to everyone thats into the same interest as me!! some may think this is nasty so just call me nasty lol!! i simply love the smell and taste of **** its a huge turn on for me!

When I try adding you to my Circle, I get the message, "Can't add," so if I am ever going to get a chance to talk with you or see your photos, you will need to add me to your Circle yourself.

alexander6629, boy have you got that right. I keep digging her about wasting all of that golden nectar (and Goddess manna, also), but she just thinks I'm gross. Every once in a while, I am lucky enough to find some of her manna (feces) that didn't flush, and I gobble it right up out of the toilet.

alexander6629, so do I. Unfortunately, my wife is not cooperative in my kinks, so I am limited to using my own.

you must think it is a waste everytime she uses the loo and flushes it away.i did when my wife did

i prefer to use others urine. i have drank many girls pee and would love to have one pee on my cereal . coffee , noodles and beer

I actually do. I enjoy all of the breakfast entrées on a rotational basis daily, and I have made and eaten an entire gingerbread made with my urine. I drink iced tea made with my urine virtually every day for lunch. The Jello and Kool-Aid I have not tried yet, but intend to sometime when my wife is not at home. She is not into kink, watersport, or urine ingesting. Are you? I would really like to know a female who really is into drinking urine (urophagia) or cooking with it.<br />
<br />
By the way, when cooking with urine, you are only substituting the water in the recipe with urine which is 90+% water anyway. The few trace chemicals that give it its color and taste are easily masked my the flavor of the other ingredients in the food.

well since your married it must be hard to cook using it easecially if its very strong. when heated it produces a very distinct urine smell every time i cook meals with it my house has very strong smell

I only cook with urine when she is gone on a trip to attend a national organization conference.

intresting? do u like all the recipes using pee? do u actually eat and drink them?