I Love Urine

I absolutely love urine. I have no idea why, I just love pee, whether it be my own, or someone else's. I love to pee. I pee all the time. I think I was just born this way. I want to **** urine. **** **** **** **** **** ****. I love pee!
xp3rfectcircusx xp3rfectcircusx 16-18, M 10 Responses Jul 5, 2007

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i have only drank female pee and my turns me on so much . when a girl squats over my mouth and empties her ***** in my ex wife could pee for england so i had to hyperventilate for a few seconds so i did not drown before she started.i loved it. sometimes i drank all she had even the first in the morning which was the tastiest. mmmmm

I'm sure that pee is aphrodisiac , the more I drink the more I'm horny

try it cold with some pee ice cubes thought a straw

I like to drink male, female and my own pee, they taste so good especialy mixed in a big glass.

I've drank male pee and my own, they taste the same.

It's just psychological,<br />
I like both, the taste change from person to person,<br />
what you eat and drink gives the taste,<br />
female pee have a lot of females hormones, estrogens,<br />
I never drink first morning pee.

I think it smells better yes.<br />
Or maybe it's just psychological but being a hetero male makes me prefer female pee. Might be female hormones in there though.

So female pee is different to male pee?

Me too, I love female pee especially.<br />
The smell of female pee takes me to cloud nine in an instant.

I think Urine need of therapy after this statement! lol.