Sensual Necklaces

I love wearing chokers. I have some really pretty ones that I wear frequently. I am not certain how they could be used because if they were ever destroyed I would have to kick the bum of the person that messed them up but I do like wearing them as I find them to be very sexy and I love the tightness around my neck.  It makes me feel sensual.

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I usually wear this blue necklace that someone close to me bought me. It is one of my favorite items.

Wow, you love me? How can you love me Demi? i am nobody in your world.

In Our EYES... One HEART Beating... Everything<br />
<br />
<br />
My Punkin... I shall leave here tonight and DREAM of us as never before... I know that now<br />
AND I might have thought impossible to have GREATER DREAMS than before of us<br />
though<br />
SURELY too you know full well... so now shall You<br />
<br />
<br />
and the Dream of us <br />
the Fairy Tale which comes true as sometimes fairy tales are meant to... Lives... I Love You

But I am not. Not in my eyes. I am simply me and that is plain and simple.


I am what pumpkin?

You are

Why do you love me? I am nothing special, just a simple and plain woman. How do you know you love me and why would you?

Honey... good to KNOW YOU AND I Both Love Each Other... keep claws sharpened for those times you need them... and too WHAT IMMENSE PLEASURE I HAVE in your words... "older and smarter"<br />
<br />
I have ALWAYS Loved Only YOU

I thought it was you seeking me Demi. This cat is older and smarter and I wait for my prey to come to me. Just when the mouse thinks it has escaped, my claws are extended and slicing through flesh.

You KNOW too well YOU SEEK ME because I CAN HANDLE You Baby... kiss

Wow, toying with me once again huh? I can tell you enjoy the cat and mouse. What happens when this cat extends her claws and spears the mouse? Is it game over or is it just the beginning pumpkin? If you know me as well as you seem you know I am a winner and a competitor. I do not come to the game to sit on the bench. I play and I play hard. Can you handle it?

I do LOVE You for that too... and the Cherry WOOD burning embers for us... in private

WE two GuRLz ... Both... are

So you are all about the fantasy and mystery?

~Aida SHE is fond of what you speak of! Is "fond" accurate enough?<br />
<br />
I think so... <br />
<br />
<br />
Fantasy mind of mine is great... "HER" words to Me in every Dream...<br />
every Dream.<br />
<br />

See I think that is WHY I like them. It is a reminder of that kink. ((LMAO there is an add for collars on the page now as I type this.))

the Only DREAM... is the One WE Share

You have a great fantasy mind demi.

I close My eyes HOLDING You... the choker the only element between Our bodies... sensual