Home Alone

I knew it was coming, I prepared for weeks. I skipped my hair-cutting appointment so my hair would be longer than usual. Now it was the morning that I was home alone for an entire weekend. I got up early and went into the bathroom, where I lit a floral scented candle. I filled up the soaker tub with Hot water, and added some bath oil. I sat in the tub until the water cooled, and then I got into the shower. I washed my hair with a herbal shampoo. After the shower, I wrapped a towel around my head to dry my hair. I dried myself, and applied some nice body powder, then went into the bedroom, and began to dress.

I put on a pair of silky nylon panties, but before I pulled them up, I pressed a pad into the panties. when I pulled the panties, I could feel the pad caressing my penis. I then put on my bra with a set of silicone pads, and a slip.

Then I was set for doing my face & hair. I shaved clean, applied a feminine deodorant, base makeup, eyeliner, & lipstick. I removed the towel from my head and combed out my hair. It was short length, but it looked feminine, when combed out.

Next I went back to the bedroom, and put on some pantyhose, and a skirt & top. I had a pair of low heels that I slipped onto my feet.

I spent the day feeling very feminine, as I went about doing housework. I stopped the housework occasionally to watch some daytime TV.

The next day, I had to do some shopping, so I skipped the lipstick, makeup, and bra. I wore my panties, pad, & pantyhose under my jeans. If it was cool outside, I could have worn a sport bra under a sweatshirt, but the weather was warm, and I wore a Tee shirt. I shopped at Walmart for normal household items, & groceries. I also included a new package of sanitary pads, and some new panties from the womens clothing department. When I got back home I stayed in my jeans & Tee, but I put on the bra & pads. I like to walk past the mirror and see the projection of my breasts, and see the outline of my bra.

I enjoyed my weekend alone, and look forward to the next time I can let my feminie side escape.
deb4now deb4now
61-65, M
1 Response May 13, 2012

love your feminine side be always feeme i wish to be not only inside outside to nons top.kissss