My Period And Feminie Hygiene A Necessity In My Life

First, I have to say that it is wonderful to see so many crossdressers, tvs, etc. who celebrate their femininity with the very feminine experience of having a period.  I started my own period journey when I was about 13.  I had been secretly dressing in my mother's lingerie (panties, bra,  girdle, nylons, heels, and peignoir) for about a year when I "discovered" my mother's period drawer with Modess napkins and Tampax tampons.  The napkins were belted back then (still wish they were) and I remember slipping on the belt, attaching a napkin, and pulling up my panties and experiencing just an amazing feeling. 

It was a few weeks later that I first tried a tampon. I remember wanting to experience using a tampon after reading the instruction pamplet that came in the tampon box describing how to insert a tampon.  I don't recall the exact thought process but I decided that my *** was my vagina (at least for inserting a tampon).  However, I do recall that the first time I inserted a tampon, secured my napkin and put on my panties, I experienced absolute bliss. 

I now was using a tampon and napkin just about every time I got the chance to dress in my mother's lingerie when shortly thereafter, I discovered the final piece of my first exposure to feminine hygiene.  I was exploring the linen closet in the bathroom when I discovered my mother's douching bag and a jar of douche powder behind some towels on the top shelf .  I remember reading the instructions on the douche powder jar which described how to mix the powder with water in the douche bag and how to insert the bag's nozzle in the vagina and adjust the flow rate.  Needless to say, I immediately mixed a full bag of solution, inserted the nozzle in my "vagina" and started the flow.  After taking about half the bag, I stopped the flow because it was getting a little uncomfortable. I held it in for about five minutes and then sat on the toilet and expelled it .  I cleaned up and then immediately inserted the nozzle and took the remaining solution.  I then inserted a tampon, put a napkin on, got dressed in my lingerie and over the next half hour was in heaven.  I knew then that feminine hygiene would always be a major component in my feminine exploration. 

The maturing of my feminine hygiene experiences did not come about until I was in my late twenties.  This was due to my changing mindset about my crossdressing.  I realized that I wanted to develop and experience a much more evolved real femininity so I began to take all aspects of being a woman more seriously including of course feminine hygiene.  I began by creating my monthly menstrual cycle that I am still following today.  Next I began to define the course of my feminine hygiene during my period.

Today when I get my period, I begin each day by douching my vagina with Summer's Eve to clean it (I know that women usually only douche after their period which I also do using a deeper douche but this is a compromise that I make for a better menstrual experience).  Next I lubricate my vagina by insert a douching syringe filled with a water based lubricant colored with red food dye.  Then depending on my flow that day I insert up to three tampons in my vagina.  I use Kotex super tampons.  I love the applicator for ease of insertion and the shape and size of the tampons as they expand fits my vagina perfectly. I then spray FDS (love the Shower Fresh fragrance) on my **** and on my maxi pad in my panties. I usually use Always pads with the size once again depending on my flow that day.  I usually change my tampons about three times a day and at night I only wear a maxi pad in my panties when I sleep. When my period is finished, I do a deep douche using Massengil powder mixed in my douche bag.

In conclusion I would like to say that experiencing my monthly menstrual cylce and all that it entails has become an absolute neccessity for me in my female life.  It has allowed me to deeply develop and understand my female self like nothing else and it has allowed me to become much more understanding of women.  I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to fully explore the many wonderful aspects of femininity!!!  

Finally, my hope would be for anyone that wants to experience the most intimate part of femininity and get a fuller understanding of what being a woman entails, to try some experiences of feminine hygiene.  They will not be sorry and might discover a wonderful new aspect to their life.

Hope to hear from anyone who would like to share their thoughts on this subject or any other aspect of femininity.


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I just got my period this morning So I douched right away & I will be using 2 tampons & also my pads with some FDS spray deodorant on then next comes my bra & pantie slip & camisole all under my jeans & sweat shirt ! I love these days the feminine side of me loves this too !!!! My personal JOY !

I to love Summers Eve douche & I love to keep myself clean & fresh & use my Kotex Super Plus tampons & my pads in my panties!!!

Try wearing used female pads from a woman. It's so femanine and personal. And you get to feel wetness against you and smell fem to.

Wow, I am overwhelmed just by readinig this. What a total committment you have made, which in turn has given you a more valuable experience.

whilst i agree feminine products are a necessity for me i much prefer them used by a lady first so i have that true feminine scent and probably discharge on the items i then use

I to love my tampons & pads too! Been along time sense I have seen Moddes pads I used to love them when I was young the feeling was so good with them between my legs. And once I found the plastic applicator tampons it made using tampons soo much easier too the feeling is wonderful I love the feeling of douching too feels so good to be clean & ready to put a tampon in & enjoy my day !! I love the feeling of femininity it gives me & the personal joy it brings with it !

i too believe it gives me a much deeper appreciation for a woman's monthly cycle and the challenges of being a woman, and it turns me on to have the desire to experience it and the joy of experiencing it all!!

I just purchased 12 tabbed napkins, and a Sanitary Belt. They are Maternity napkins, so they are longer and thicker than the ordinary stick-on napkins that I have used. These wil be just in time for my next period.

Well, that's an interesting way of looking at it.

hi lingtv. first of all i love your experience,i can relate to what you go past experience using feminie hygiene are, the summers eve vinegar douche,pearl tampons super,nair hair removable. as a male i love femine products. love these products.

luvly story dearie, i so enjoy the "full" feeling i experienec when i insert a "pearl" tampax in my "vagina"!! Oh myyyyyy!!

we can relate on this one. to me its part of being a feminine girly boi

Sooo many parallels, I don't know where to begin.......ok, I love the kotex security supers, too. :)