Little Girls Panties

I love to wear little girls panties, I started when I was young taking my sisters panties and wearing them. I prefer to wear 2 or more pairs at a time. Girls panties are so so pretty. I wish I was a little girl so I could wear all of the pretty dress's and tights but mostly the panties. I have over two hundred pairs of the prettiest panties. I am completely into wearing my panties, I wear only girls panties all of the time. I like to show them to everyone. All of the girls I have ever gone out with love my panties. I am truly a panty girl.

I am now so into my little girls panties that I have begun to take hormones to become the little girl that I have always wanted to be. That means I will get to have even more panties, dress's & tights to wear and to show to everyone. I really like to show off my panties to everyone. I want someone to come and rub my pretty panties and tell me how pretty they are. If anyone is interested in helping to full fill a girls dream please let me know. I would love it if they were wearing pretty panties as well because I love playing with panties. A friendly warning to all girls if I can I will take your panties lol.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I too love little girls panties but love to see them on little girls. When I was younger most girls wore dresses that let you see their panties sometimes. Some girls didn't care if you saw them and would even let you see them. I espacialy like the nylon panties but little girls don't wear them nowdays only cotton. I also love to see pics of little girls in panties but can't seem to find them.

hiya like you i have always loved to see little girls in their panties, right from scholl days 5 yo i got turned on by seeing gils panties/knickers, if you know where to see pics of them please let me know

I have pics of what u r looking for. Beccajams11 on kik

Nothing wrong with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!