I Too Love Scented Soaps

Well, I love the smell of good perfumes..It just stimulates us. Then we feel like we are just taking off..
Vijijcob Vijijcob
41-45, M
4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Mine is French: Cherie by Dior. Has a lingering afternote of strawberies, my students like it!

Hmmm, love the island scents like Tahiti Sweetie from Bath and Body Works. The scent just relaxes me, wow!

Me to! i just love the smell of "sublte fragrances" not to powerful on the old nose, ha!! ha!! :-) I love, as drinkmargarita71 writes, the musky one like Joven for men and Alyssa Ashley for women, i also love the scent of Pink i think that is gorgeous!!, :-) that's the one i always try to buy and wear,. Very subtle of course! lollollol :-)

i love perfumes..the musky one like jovan for men and alyssa ashley for women..and always wear the fruity scent of victoria's secret's endless love. i do crave for the powdery fragrance as well coz I hate strong aroma just the right smell to tickle the senses.