Scents Make Sense

I really enjoy using the wide range of scents in the liquid, hand soaps from Bath & Body Works. I don't have a favorite yet simply because I like so many of them. Whenever I'm at the Mall, it's hard not to go in there! It's so tempting & smells so good, and I'll take those scents any day compared to the perfume counters at the department stores. They literally make me gag.

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010 them, too, Sweetie. The only ones I use for my shower. But I don't like anything fruity except for apple (by Victoria Secret! So heavenly *sigh*). I'm afraid the bees will follow me; though not in winter. I love fresh scent, or lavender. Anything with shea; not too much on vanilla because this smells so sweet...again, the bees...LOL ;)

it is pretty fun to go in and try everything!