Poem Beamed Onto Castle Rock

A line of romantic poetry is to be projected onto the rock beneath Edinburgh Castle for Valentine's Day.

The words "Look to the living, love them, and hold on" will shine on the north face of Castle Rock.

The line is from the poem Disenchantments by the Scottish poet Douglas Dunn.

The spectacle, which will last five-and-a-half hours on Sunday evening, is part of the Carry a Poem campaign run by the City of Literature Trust.

 Robyn Marsack, director of the Scottish Poetry Library, said: "Douglas Dunn's lines are so appropriate: they say that love endures, like the Castle Rock which they'll illuminate for a night."



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Edinburgh is a great city and the castle very imposing and magestic.<br />
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I havent been for years but remember it fondly - it seeems a very proud city.

I visited Edinburgh in '03.

Thanks datura , I have put pic up .. I think its beautiful1<br />
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Mmmm fungirlmmm .. a castle would be great!

I would love to have a castle.

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Good story!<br />
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I found a BBC photo of the projection!<br />
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