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I Love Vampiers But...

I hate hysteria. I always had a thing for vampires allreaady at an early age and for about 10 years ago I even started my own vampire story that has grown into a huge world of stories just waiting to be written,  but lately it has been to much of it.

At the moment vamires are  mainstream they are  really popular right now it's Twilight and True blood and Moonlight and Blood ties and Vampire diaries and Darren Shan and so on and so on... I still enjoy reading about them and watching movies and the occasional TV-show but when they are just Everywhere suddenly it's not fun any more.

In Sweden we have a saying that is "För mycket av det goda" it basically mean to much of the good stuff and that is just what has happened now. So I'm taking a break from the worst of the vampire hysteria at the moment but I will be back, this isn't the first time it happened and not the last either and I always comes back.
Faraklin Faraklin 36-40, F 2 Responses May 27, 2010

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I know you do ^^

I agree with what you're saying :) I feel just the same.