Dark Shadows

I have been facinated by vampires ever since the daytime TV show Dark Shadows (in black and white) as a little girl. I loved the  movie Interview with a Vampire, Brad Pitt and Antonio made it sooo delicious. Dracula, newer version was okay, Dracula's long red coat was a beauty of textile construction, as a costume maker/sewer I would notice that. I had read more novels that I care to admit. Anne Rice was always a favorite, in my humble opinion, Laurell K. Hamilton series with Anita and Jean-Claude is the best I have read. I read all 12 novels in less than a month. Lyndsay Sands I have been currently reading. I've never thought about joining a coven or whatever there is out there, probably because I work in the medical field and know to much about blood born diseases and it will scare you if you knew the half of it. Still if I had a choice I would definately be a vampire. Who would not want to be young forever, have all those abilities. It's just way cool.

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Wow that is awsome dark shadows is what got me hooked when I was like five I have loved vampires every since love ann rice also I have the whole vc if u want some good books look up patricia briggs seris she has two that r good as hell

I did just read Twilight. I did enjoy it. Now I need to read the rest of her books to catch up. I hear they have made a movie of Twilight also, after seeing a preview recently.

Did you read "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer? If you enjoy vampire fiction, this book could be right up your alley. I read it and the two sequels in about two weeks. They were absolutely amazing. Wonderfully written, suspenseful, and full of delicious variations on traditional vampire lore.