Strange Incident

I've always been drawn to the dark, mysterious, seductive
world of vampires. I love reading romance books about them,
watching movies, using vampiric themes in my poems. I've also
done some research about people who practice vampirism and
the different types of vampires. I really don't know if there are
REAL vampires out there, but I'll tell you a story that personally
happened to me. I was in this store, looking around, found myself
at some perfume station, smelling different scents. All the sudden,
I felt like I was being watched, and I turned my head to the right side,
and standing not far from me was this guy, head turned toward me,
like he was studying me.

He was dressed all in black, black sunglasses, and even his hair was black.
We just stood there for a second staring at each other, and started
feeling uncomfortable, and turned my head. When I turned back he
was gone. I even went looking for him, what I would have said,
I don't know, but never found him. I don't know if that was a coinincidence
or not, but I wonder to this day who he was. Here I am interested in
vampires, and then I see him. Nothing like that has ever happened
to me again, but that incident really makes you wonder "what" is
really out there.
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Aug 20, 2012