I Love Vampires For What I See In Them

I love them for their passion. Even though I'm supposed to believe that they do not feel anything anymore but despair? Who doesn't love immortality? That one vampire was going to make me a vampire, but I guess it's not for me. Kinda unfair. I just wanted to play, but I guess vampires are a serious business. I would be afraid if I became immortal to leave my family behind in reincarnation. I gotta say I love desire and darkness. I love it like the unknown, like the shadow.

Not a good explanation of why I like vampires,
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you act as though you know them. Are they real?

I made my self a vampire. Actually carried the vamperic gene, which made it more easy to become vampire, yet, so for I am a new vampire, I have a long journey ahead of me.

oh come on!!! energy vampire bullshit is not being a vampire.. you can not be born as a vampire cause they can not have children. so its cute you think you are one.. but you are not

Hey was just saying, I am cute though

Hahaha you're funny :)

Hahah no I am not, I just happen to be, nah

Still funny though xD

Okay Den XD

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I understand it perfectly.
you put in words something I cannot explain.

Thanks! :D