Same Difference

Being a vampire doesn't make you sexy or powerful. It doesn't mean you'll burn in the sun or die if you dint drink blood. You can laugh and smile and dance and act stupid with your friends. Its doesn't make you life forever, just understand why we're not suppose to live forever. The Lifestyle of a Vampire is to know death is life that in its self makes you immortal. Thou drinking Blood and avoiding the sun are kind of important, anyone can drink the blood of an animal or a person and stay inside all day. Vampires are like everyone else, like werewolves and Humans together. Our Difference makes us the same. Weather you suck blood or rip people apart you're the same in a way. Not Better or worse.

ShelbyScream ShelbyScream
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 6, 2008

i agree vampires are just like everyone else.

there is quite the difference between the human and the nonhuman. you seem to have a pretty good understanding