The 'old School' Vamps

What ever happened to the nosferatu? The vamps that had to hide, because of their hiddeous appearance, but could charm if you meet their gaze. What's with modern vampire stories - thay are all so good looking all the time.

VincentValentine VincentValentine
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Vampires were horror characters, meant to be scary, fitting well with the whole medieval period and its superstition. Later, with Dracula (which is an insult to the actual Vlad Tepes), vampires became things of fiction, of amusement.

I don't think many books and/or movies would do well if the vampires were ugly.

Very interesting perspectives all!

I've got True Blood on right now as I EP... I love vamps....wish they were real....I would succumb to one and love it.... hehehe!!! ;-)

I sort of think that a vampire would be more like a spider.... Venom numbs the victim out, suck out the juice...

Some believe that female beauty tames the vampire.

Some people believe that the evil within the vampire is what makes them look hideous and it is only seen by the pure of heart. That may be why they look so much better now than then. LOL I just want some of those retractable fangs;]

I like a lot of the movies, but some are just silly.