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They Just Do It For Me

Vampires are just so damn hot! The thought of someone drinking my blood is quite a turn on (i know i'm weird)

Also nothing like abit of vampire role play in the bedroom ;)

Evernight Evernight 31-35, F 8 Responses Nov 17, 2009

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Your message reminded me of a movie called Vampires Kiss. :)

anyway, black, dark, candles, cobwebs..... what can be better than that.
a few goblets, fire and some spell work :)

Well,nobody drinked mine(but it's salty.........very salty-i tasted it myself),and since i have epilepsy i wouldnt allow anyone to drink from me,even to real vampire.Btw,do you know from wich language word "vampire" comes?But i'd appreciate to have those fangs like them,man!Now,that would be something!

Yum, i totally agree.<br />
i get so turned on by it.<br />
i was lucky enough to find someone who like the whole blood drinking thing too ;]

nothing wrong with a bit of vamp fantasy..(or alot).<br />
you are not weird for getting turned on by thinking about someone drinking your blood....i think it is so hot..just wish i could find someone to drink mine.

Im addicted with vampires too... I really love Edward Cullen...

Anne Rice writes about Lestat. Love those books and you aren't weird hahaha . My guy loves playing a little vampire game now and then ;)

ooooooh sounds good, who's it by?

I'm reading The Vampire Lestat right now. It's pretty cool. Lestat, you bad bad boy.