I love vegetables! The edible kind….not the people. :P

They taste so awesome, raw or steamed. Just please don’t cook them to a pulp. Unless of course it is a potato….which really isn’t a vegetable anyways….

Foods taste so strong to me, so I can appreciate the complex flavors of vegetables. They don’t need flavorings to make them taste good.

I can tell the difference between organic and not.

Salads are a staple for me too. With or without dressing.

Yep, I love them. I have to have them at least every day.



***Edited to add this***

A top-ten list....good idea!

Here is my list, in order of favorites…..

Lettuce <--with or without dressing, depending on the type of lettuce

Tomatoes <--Yeah it is a type of vegetable according to wikipedia at least

Cucumber <---also a vegetable I guess

Carrots <--baby carrots are so cute

Celery <--with peanut butter, yum!

Green beans <--with a bit of salt, or raw if they are young enough

Peppers <---good flavor :D

Asparagus <--young asparagus is good raw actually, cooked is good with hollandaise sauce or plain

Fresh spinach <-fresh is better then cooked, but if cooked a bit of vinegar is good

My favorite vegetable….

Fresh peas :)

Ahh…I’m out of room, but I have to add that I also love mushrooms.
Sorry to any of the vegetables I may have forgotten.  I don’t think there are many that I dislike.

Next project?  Favorite fruits.....

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I love all of the vegetables on your list! Well, except the peppers.

You mean you burn them? ;D

I hate potatoes!! Can never cook the bastards right!!!

I edited my story to include a long list. :D

Do you have a favourite vegetable?<BR>It's a hard question isn't it.<BR>Ok, top five veg, in no particular order?<BR>I agree about the cooking. <BR>I also prefer a fluffy potato, but the energy is released slower from a just-cooked potato, which is better for you.<BR>I'm gonna write my (not final) top five or ten veg'.<BR>Thanks for the idea! :)