Fresh As You Can Get

Grow as many veg as you can!

I don't get round to growing a lot. I suppose it is best to grow what is not so readily available in the shops, or is more expensive. For instance it is not worth growing potatoes unless you have a huge amount of land.

My top veggies for growing at home in a UK climate are:

Bok Choi, Pak Choi,


Sweet Peppers,

Chili Peppers,


Sugarsnap Peas/ Mange Tout,

Carrots, (to be eaten small, grown fast in specially prepared soil/soilless compost)

Parsnips, (not expensive, but so tasty you just have to have some)

Leeks, and spring onions,

Berries: Rasperry, Blackberry, all the lovely crosses like the Loganberry.. (net them or the birds will eat the lot)


If you have a mature apple tree in your garden that is of a good variety, you can make all sorts of wonderfull sweet and savoury dishes with it. I enjoy using apple in curries to give them a load of sweetness and the acid really helps too. I like to make an apple sauce for meat, especially for pork. Jars of shop-bought apple sauce are always far too sweet.


I always wanted to try growing Okra. Not easy to get in UK.

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8 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I had some in a planter pot and some in a garden - the ones in the garden where alot bigger - the pot ones where smaller and sweeter :) <br />
Im really sad the beans are almost finished :( I think the fresh raw butter beans where my favourite, will definatly plant them again next year :)

Cool! :D<br />
Beetroot grow really well in a pot, so you can grow on a widowsill or anywhere light falls. A pot, using a wick to draw water from a reservoir (covered, light excluded jar, bucket or bath) you can keep the soil (or soilless medium) moisture-level really closely controlled. This is really good for growing fairly soft root veg like beetroot. <br />
I think I could write a whole story on beetroot cultivation actually! Love the leaves too! mm, yummy! :))

I just harvested my beetroot the other day. Its sooo yummy :) <br />
Hehe I thought when I first got my garden sorted that nothing was going to grow and that I would be totally useless, but I love the feeling of self sufficency and the taste of the fresh vegies! Although I might not have my own secret garden (yet!) I think I have awakened a secret gardener in me! :D

If you want to store it long term in jars i woud expect you need to raise sugar content up to 60% to preserve/conserve, ie Jam or Apple Jelly. <br />
Otherwise, you are putting sterilised apple in an airtight container, which is pretty-much as good but will not keep as long.. dont ask me how much longer.. but i only make apple sauce for immediate (up-to 3 days) use. <br />
You can preserve fruit in water or sugar syrup, with some sodium metabisulphite. You must exclude all air using proper jars for this, or bottles.

Those things aren't vegetables??? <br />
<br />
Well, okay, if you say so.<br />
But in that case "Korn" isn't a vegetable either.<br />
<br />
Just thought you should know!<br />
<br />
Lol. :p

If you don't add sugar will it go bad????<br />
<br />
I hate a TON in jars I added no sugar too!!! I'm freaking out about it now!!

I have many apple trees of various varieties nearby. :)<br />
If you can borrow a microwave it takes no time. Just add a little water to a bowl of cubed apples and steam for a few minutes. Only add sugar if you need it to keep. I season apple sauce with S+P. I OVE LOVE LOVE it on a toasted , fried-egg sandwich. With brown sauce too.<br />
I suppose they are not a vegetable, but neither are tomatoes, peppers, beet roots, Peas, Cucumbers, zukinis (we call then courgettes) etc...

You have an apple tree nearby????? Lucky! <br />
Fresh apples are the BEST! I adore them!!!<br />
<br />
They aren't a vegetable though, are they? Oh well, they're good either way!!<br />
<br />
I've made applesacue before. It is alot of work (takes so long) but so sweet without even any sugar added, and so beautiful too. The store stuff looks deathly.