I love being told I'm a sissy. My wife likes to tease me by telling me its time to put on my big girl panties and stop being a baby. It doesn't matter who is in the room or if we are in public. It makes me feel so small and submissive to her. She is not mean when she say it, just matter of fact. I love her for it.
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Today over the phone my wife told me to put on my diaper and rubber pants AND my big girl panties over them. This was in response to my willfully putting on one of my pairs of panties because the a/c man was coming over and i did not have enough time to change my very wet nightime diapers in time. So i put on one of my cotton flowered panties. As soon as he left, i ran to the bathroom because i could feel it starting to come, and sure enough i was already peeing when i pulled them down and sat on the potty. My wife called me a moment later, and i told her what had happened and that is when she gave me my marching orders. I hope she will understand why i had to put on panties without permission. I think she will, hopefully.

I would go the other way. I would start turning you into a baby girl. Nice pretty pink plastic party dresses with big bulky nappies and frilly pink plastic baby pants on under it and the dress being short enough so ever one can see your plastic pants and also see if you are wet and need a change.

That sounds so wonderful! Please tell me more.

You like the idea of being made to wear nappies and plastic baby pants in front of your wife's family and friends then.

Yes I do like it. My wife once made me admit in front of her sister, Mom, and Grandma that even if she wet the bed on purpose I would be punished with diaper discipline. It was not a question of if she could make me wear diapers, it is simply when she decides, I will wear them.

my wife tells me in ffront o f her frineds that i have pretty pantie son today an when i tend to be mouth she will say in front of frineds be nicce now sissy you dont need spanking do you
she allways bring sup fact im small an lock in chastity in front of her friends an family

That's awesome!

love the humilation but i dont let on