The Danger of Short Skirts

We were my getting onto a double decker bus into town one summer’s day, some years ago now. At this time in the UK they still carried a ticket collector took the passenger fares. The buses then were designed with a very steep staircase at the rear, under which the conductor stood whilst people got on and off the bus. Then, even more than now, women wore short skirts. This position therefore gave the conductor a spectacular view if he had the inclination to look up. I noticed after my incident, that many did!  

My wife got on in front of me in her short mini dress and made her way up the stairs. Being warm, she was not wearing tights underneath, just her white panties (so I was soon to be reminded). I decided to be a gentleman and had allowed an older couple to go in front of me, so was still at the bottom of the stairs when my wife had reached the top. I followed the conductor’s eyes as he glanced up. From my own position I could see all the way up her dress to her panties. Due to the heat I could even see that they had slightly impressed themselves sensuously into the crack of her bottom, which was now neatly outlined. They were a very thin cotton and being also white, they had now become very slightly see-through. His angle, being more directly underneath and closer, must have given him an even better view than I had. 

My first reaction to watching this guy looking intently up at my wife’s intimate parts was my usual one; that of jealous outrage. But then I was struck by another and unexpected emotion; sexual excitement. I started to imagine what he could be seeing and vivid images of what may have been on view to this stranger filled my mind. Perhaps he could see the dark shadow of her pubic hair; perhaps he could even see her slit! I gradually felt a tingle growing in my stomach and a subtle hardening of my **** as I looked on helplessly. The excitement was made more intense by the fact that was some kind of hold up in front of her at the top of the bus, which meant she stood just above him even longer than she would have normally.

My heart soon started pumping and I felt my erection grow embarrassingly hard as I watched him continue his ogling . It was probably only about ten to fifteen seconds but it seemed forever to me – Ten to fifteen seconds of watching somebody staring directly up between your wife’s legs from a few feet away feels like a very long time indeed.

She says she is too old for short skirts now, I disagree - from her pic, what do you think?

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3 Responses Jun 13, 2009

i love looking up skirts on the bus stairs, they dont seem to realise how much they actually show :-D

please do ... I'm a sucker for a woman in a short skirt ...LOL!<br />
<br />
A couple of months ago I was at a dance and a 75 year old woman wearing this kind of a dress outfit sat down at the table behind us and was hot, she fluffed the skirt up, actually she used the skirt to fan herself ... she caught me looking ... (great legs ... wearing granny panties) and smiled at me. She liked the attention. I loved the leg shot.

Great story ... as for the wife being too old... why don't ya take a few ******* pics and post them to your profile. You can then check out the comments and then relay them to your wife ... she just might be pleasently surprised.