To Infinity And Beyond!

Okay you get it I'm horny, I wouldnt found such a group else but I have to spread the word - that being one word VIBRATORS!

Worship them and once you've tried them there will be no going back, reliable, trustworthy, always there for you, safe, fun,  well it would be darn rude of me not to spread the word! pardon the pun!
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

my one sister has a pink one

Ohh, I agree with you 100%. Vibrator is the girl's best friend. In the bedroom :))

We'll anxiously wait for that "first time with a vibrator" story.<br />
I recently ordered one of these magic wands for my wife's birthday and the 7-speed vibrating head sent her to 7th heaven on the first try, not just once but five. She hasn't handled it herself yet but I'm sure she won't be shy about it when I have my back turned.