Victoria Is God To Me!

Love everything about everything in Victoria's closet!! She makes me feel like a woman should feel ultimately sexy and sultry xx
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Gotta love a woman in spicy undies!

Same here. From the way the store smells outside as you are walking in. All the sexy and flirty lingerie, bras and pantys. As well as all the beauty rush line of products they sell. I can, and I mean can't go to a mall and not leave with something from there. Whether I need it or not.Of course one can never have enough Victoria's Secret! You know that! I feel sexy, desirable, womanly and girly(If i'm in the VS PINK section). My obsession!

When i buy a gift of my GF, i only buy VS. they know and understand what is needed and how.... no wonder..

me too! its so hard to find stuff in Canada though :)

hey, i will buy anything my girl wants from vs, as long as get to take a pic of her in it, and out of it...

Me too!!!! I try to stay away from the Mall where the VS store is in my town because I can't help but buy something there everytime I go!!