VS 12 Step Program....

There should absolutely be a 12 step program for VS addicts! I cannot walk by, walk in, look online or in a catalog and not wind up purchasing something. I am freely admitting I am totally addicted to this place. When I am at home or traveling I am compelled to go visit Victoria's Secret. I adore all their cute,girly things and have trouble saying no!!!

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Ugh it is way too freaking addicting! I should just go ahead and accept that I'll be spending several hundred bucks at VS each month for the rest of my life.
Why is everything in that store so adorable!?

I just bought a backpack from VS and I'm not even a student.

Love to see you in them, or maybe take you out of them,, xx

OMG! i totally agree. i have dropped hundreds of dollars at VS in the last six months or so. Everything there is just so... cute and sexy!!

Lol... and I don't even fancy pink that much... but heck, I buy pink underwear from VS and La Senza...<br />
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Soooo addicting... *bites lip*

Ahh yes La Senza.. I've heard tale of it fairie girl :) <br />
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I could go in there not needed a thing and walk out with something! It's all so pink Sylphy...and you know how I feel about pink :P

Waaahh... I am, too. I'm just grateful there's no store nearby... but online... waaahhh...<br />
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What we have here is called La Senza. Very much patterned after VS. And does the faerie go shopping there? Waaahh... of course she does!

LBF- like a flashback huh? Come on ..you know you wanna go :P

iza- agreed, the semi annual sale is the best way to go and sooo much more affordable. I usually wait for those sales myself. If you dont you can get into a lot of trouble !!LOL<br />
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Roxanne- Aww thanks :) XXOOOXXX

And I bet you look beautiful wearing it!

Bensproat- Why? Does she not like the store?? You could take her and start her off with some great shower gels, lotions, massage oils and work your way up :)

I can not get my wife to walk into a VS store any ideas?

Belladonna- Doesnt it though... its amazing the feeling you get there..its intoxicating :)

Aliceofatlantis- They absolutely draw you in !! And they offer the best customer service around, that goes along way for me. I don't think I could ever walk out empty handed :)

VS is mass marketing at it's finest. They draw you in from every angle, website, cataloge, discount and free gift cards in the mail. When I walk in the store I feel like I have died and gone to heavan. The salesgirls are so sweet, it doesn't matter if you are a woman or a crossdresser. The girls allways make me feel at home and seem to enjoy helping me find what I'm looking for and things I hadn't planed on buying. They fitted me for a bra without batting an eye. Once while looking at a bra a young sales girl came up to me and told me how much she loved those bras and than opened her blouse to show me she was wearing one of them. YES, I am addicted, and it doesn't hurt that they have a great product.

RubyPoppy- I agree with the PINK line still being expensive and cheaply made, however I think it appeals to a clientele younger than me, so all the teens can get their parents to absorb the cost. <br />
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Thanks for the Nordstrom's tip I will check that out :)

Yes they do blaineperrealt. And I agree with your comments. It's a fun place but trust me their models are not the typical woman.

Oh God, I'm going to show my age, but here goes. Most of the models that you see on the current TV ad, are barely clothed and have subjected themselves to the knife for a boob job. For the older bunch, these ads are very similar to the foldouts in Playboy and definitely not suitable for young kids. No wonder so many young girls want to have their breasts enlarged to an extent which is laughable. VS does have a nice line of 'normal' clothes.

Thanks doyce!!! It's easy to get addicted to VS :)

I love women who love vs

We need to pick a date soon!! All the new panty styles are coming out~

I'm leaving the red to kinkyflower...I'll take black and the girlie colors :)....

lol i'll leave the pink to snow...i like red ;)<br />
have heard that red is the color of the devil ya know? i'm just sayin...that's what i hear lol :D

navy is good too. i think i look better in the darker colors :)

me? how would i know that? ;)<br />
<br />
or maybe black...or a dark purple...i'm not big on pastel girly colors i guess lol

no pink for me....red is good tho ;)

Wow that was my next color choice, how'd ya know ?

*slowly backing up*...see it now ;)

Hey..they are all trained and know women change their minds and try on alot of things before making any final decisions ;)......didnt you just catch a glimpse of that little pink number?

Stop rushing me..if I remember correctly you like it slow :)

LNG- Thanks..I dont think I will be breaking this addiction anytime soon :)....<br />
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stratos- it's a deal...lol

Some addictions are healthy!!! <br />
<br />
It sounds like a good one to me.

Ok but do you have a color preference...lol?

Ok then I am all set!

Ok I accept the warning...should I gear up for this adventure??...Dont take your meds beforehand tho...I wanna see the real thing...LOL

Well I think we are up for the challenge!

You never know what is inside ...lol

Once you open the box, you are never the same. LOL

Umm I suppose so but would we ever be the same?

It could be interesting kinky...scary and interesting...*umm snowbunny scratches her head*..

i would kinda be scared...what if we didn't WANT to know what was in there snow??? lol

Oh I forgot funny...very funny ;)

Oh my that is a little scary..some say he's smart, some say clueless, mysterious, sarcastic...lol...that would definitely be a fun place to be.Think of all the things we would know and not have to guess !!!

SOMEone would've said it...might as well have been me lol<br />
<br />
hmmm...wonder what it would be like inside the mind of stratos?? :) what would we find out? :)

No secret there stratos ;)

I dont know KF you never know what stratos is thinking ;)

i'm sure i can think of the type of "tips" he could be expecting lol

You arent expecting any sort of tip are ya? LOL <br />
<br />
Yes I am well aware of expecting the unexpected from you stratos :)

SWEET! i knew he would come :) what guy can resist watching hot women try on stuff at VS? lol

LOL..you caught me off guard there stratos!! Ok so come on and let's do some damage ;)

You know stratos wont come..he is probably one of those men that hates shopping ;)

hmmm....THIS could be fun :) wanna come with us stratos? we're reserving the store you know :)

Perhaps soo...maybe Stratos he could probably spare a few for the girls..:)

perhaps others would like to donate their checks as well ;)

I think he may need more than one check..lol

oh we can definitely spend it :) no worries there perch!

I would gladly share with Kinky...what are friends for ;)<br />
and yes I think we can spend it!!

Snow, I will save a paycheck just for the night. Think you can spend it? Maybe you should share some with Kinky?

KF- I would NEVER not invite you!! You are always welcome and it would be so much fun ..lol!!!

Well if you are going to have a private party at a VS store i am willing to serve wine and cheese.

wait a minute! you guys are reserving the store and not inviting me?! shame on you! lol i'm not near the addict snow is, BUT perhaps i should start lol

Maybe we should reserve the store for the evening? Oh wait, that is not helping the addiction

Percheron- are you ignoring my card question...LOL

Just what every woman wants..an audience..LOL!! <br />
But it is always nice to have more than one opinnion...Paulie, you might just have a plan!!

Sounds like a grand ole time.

Paulie~<br />
We are a wonderful combination, why fight it? Shhh dont tell Marcus I said that ...;)

Sure Percheron!! Did you say give me your card...LOL

Is there security in numbers? Need someone to hold your cards and cash while you are looking around?

It's all about pleasure Paulie ;)

Maybe we can go together sometime Paulie!