We All Have Our Little Secrets

I'm not sure what Victoria's secret is but I have my own.I can wear  my Yankee's jersey or be dressed to kill.In chuck Taylors,boots or my highest heels. I have an odd twist of fashion this I know.Still I like to wear something silky and lacey every day that says I am a real feminine being.No one else may see it but I know what's underneath it all.That's my secret.Shhhh
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I also enjoy being sensual.

It's a wonderful sensation = )

that is the real secret its what makes you feel good and no one has to know what is under your clothes

Spoken like a true lady = )

Wife took me there to pick out some panties and brought home a nice smooth black pair that feel so good. Later we brought some more clothing at the thrift store and some of the nicest items were from VS. We bought a corset that is pink and black that she loves to see me in.

Very nice.I wish many fine wears. = )

I agree, it makes me feel pretty knowing what is underneath, and if no one ever finds out, then that is fine because I am wearing them for me, not for others.

That's the best point Andi.We wear them to make ourselves feel good.Thank you for making us aware.

All of my clothing except my shoes are bought at VS. I will wear NO other label skirts, dresses, and shirts, and undergarmets. I believe a girl has the right to spoil herself and VS is my vice.

I love your avi!!!I too am frequent shopper.We must spoil are selfs now and again.I can get lost in there for hours.

I only go to the actual store when I am in need of undies and bras and wink wink. I usually always walk out with bags in my hand and a smile on my face. Isn't it wonderful how helpful the girls are in their stores? wink wink. The rest of all my clothing comes straight out of their catalogs.

we must go shopping now.If you see anything fantastic or if I do we must share.
I would love a Victoria sister. *wink*

Have you ever been able to express yourself with any of the girls that work there, if you know what I mean?

No,not really.Though I have been given a few numbers.

I hope you had a chance to use them at least.

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i like your choice of clothing i will love what i see either way vinny

Thank you vinny.You are a true gentlemen.

your welcome i really would be happy either way