Like Heaven

Wanna put on smile on my face? Victoria Secret is the best! Tiny panties, sexy bras... I love "Very Sexy" and I'm getting more into their lip gloss nowadays. 

somethingfierce somethingfierce
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2009

I too have bought sexy lingerie from Victorias secret<br />
Hope you went there appropriately dress and not just on the net?

I do buy lingerie there, of course, but I actually buy about 90% of my clothes there too. Victoria's Secret really likes me a lot, lol.

I love victoria secret especialy there lip gloss but don't get me wrong there longerie is super sexy espicialy when its on me lol

That may be the scent I like.. "Very Sexy." But I hear that "Body" by Victoria is good too.