I love the look and feel of most of Victoria's things...problem is...I am a Lane Bryant sized gurl...
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5 Responses Jan 10, 2013

to update this story just a bit...I recently found a Lane Bryant bustier and garter belt (purple and black) set in my local thrift store...after two trips to my local Lane Bryant store and $92.00 later...two pair of stockings, nine pair of panties, and a very wonderful sales lady!!

Know that feeling, for sure!

Lingerie is the best been raining today all I did was lay in be in my teddy and sleep in it. Wonderful day now I'm ready for a long nite at work.

Me too. Lane Bryant is getting much nicer bras these days. And just ask and they will do a bra fitting.

Yes, I love getting a bra fit.

Me too so do your best can still find plenty of pretty things , always looking.