Best Real-time Interaction Game

Anybody play Rock Band?

Anybody WORSHIP that game?
sk8tergrl21222 sk8tergrl21222 18-21, T 4 Responses Jan 15, 2008

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My gf and I went halfs buying it with Christmas money from our parents. ^__^ It's awesome. I just bought Microsoft Points to buy more songs. My friends and I get together to play it a lot.

I just wanna get my own guitar hero III :(

It is so damn addictive

The game and guitar are expensive though, I have been thinking me and a friend will buy it together and just share it

hang out a lot so we both get a lot of chance to play.

haha, I didnt have the money either. Luckily, my younger brother is a game fanatic and trades in his old games constantly for new ones. He also used his christmas money. It is worth the price.

Lol unfortunately I don't A) have the friends to play it with

and B) have like 200 $ to buy it with

Darren one of my instructor does nothing but praise it though. He just wishes he could record with his friends.