My Game Time With Meh Friend

Ok when I was 12 I had a friend and she was 10 we are still friends any way we were playing bioshock 2 and when I killed a big daddy she screamed my ear off "Victoria hush" I said "sorry I was worried you were gonna die but anyway get the girl" she said and she said that maybe a million times I wanted to kill her but then I said "hay Victoria how do you giroro would react to this game" then we both laughed are heads off " he propably say die die and so on and so forth". "Good point and light with l what about them" I said "who knows" she said " misa would be scared out of her wits here what she would say " AHHHHH LIGHT SAVE ME"I said then we laughed so hard we had to go to the bathroom when we got back we played and finished the game in two days we were happy
Wedgielovergirl Wedgielovergirl
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012