I'm an absolute hardcore gamer. My friends think it's a total waste of time and tell me to find a better way to waste time but I'm so addicted to it I can't help it. The only games I play are all call of duty games. Peeps just don't get it
Mikka23 Mikka23
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Don't get me wrong, I love gaimz as much as the next guy, but I couldn't imagine spending as much time as a hardcore gamer in front of a TV. I'd rather do something productive.

**** it dude, people don't understand... they read a book called what to do with your life and now they think they have all the answers... I would rather play a game then talk to 90 % of the world

Well, shoot I expected some argument... Shock... Boys can surprise you sometimes!

I have hands so I can play. Can I play well??? That is debatable!! Is that a Jewish law joke? ;]