Dead Risng Is My Favorite Zombie Game

I loved dead rising from the moment the controller touched my hand. then I just started playing Call of duty4 and I'm hooked for a while. see you all on xbox live

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I love how you can use the camera during the beginning of the game. it made me feel like I was an actual reporter or something. especially when the one lady is like shooting the zombies on the roof and then falls to her death after she runs out of bullets. just trying to snap the picture at the right time before she falls is challenging. then the fact that you have a limited time to save so many survivors and then have to choose who lives and who dies is the hard part.<br />
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left 4 dead hell yeah... i just finished playing co op with my brother online tonight. we just played i think its called blood harvest you know the one with the corn fields. that board was pretty intense. especially when you on the last part where you stuck in the farm house the the zombies attack you from all sides and then the tank shows ups

Haha, you should have seen me when I started the game. Well, I started with the demo, so it starts you out in the mall. But, I have a fear of zombies... Well, I walk out into the mall, a few zombies here and there, I'm okay. I turn around and see a hall full of zombies--I was like D8 I don't want to play this game anymore! T.T But, I did, and I've beaten it about three times. Can't get the two best endings, though.<br />
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Have you played Left 4 Dead? Very fun! You have to play with people, though, because it's a little boring with the computer pla<x>yers. A good way to learn the game before jumping online, though.