I have always loved video games .Duck Hunt a true classic so very  much fun. Then the boy next door got the sega and we played sonic for about 50 million hours at his house before my parents got me one. My playstation3 just crapped out so I am stuck playing the nintendo wii..... Well I freaking love it! Will bowling is the shyt! The graphics suck and it has almost a kindergarten like feel to it but holy crap it's fun!



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oh trust me with the xbox. if you like the motion stuff get the kinect, it is far more advanced, it allows you to use your legs too! it is deffinitely worth any investment

I have been thinking about getting a 360 actually.. hmm I dunno yet! Yes I have both of my sisters children hooked on video games! I can feel free to have hissy fits over dieing when playing with a 6 year old I love it ^_^