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I Love Certain Video Games

I used to play a lot more video games than I do now. All types, I didn't care it was just fun. Than I would play certain ones that were just amazing and I couldn't wait till the next version to come out. I had a chip in my PS1 so iv played like every game available for it than when I bought my PS2 I knew which games I would be on the look out for. I have owned lots of different brands of systems before, but personally the PlayStation is my favorite. My PS3 now has all the good titles the everyone likes, but the exclusive Sony made ones are way better that any of the other systems. Plus it has a built in media server, blueray player, and internet access which is great when I don't want to play video games. My fav games ever that are always good are Gran Turismo, God of War, Drakes Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto, and Socom.

If you have a PS3 add me I play a lot of GT5 right now. shmogt
boby6 boby6 26-30, M Apr 19, 2011

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