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When I was little my parents bought a SEGA GENESIS. I guess that's where it started. I'd sit around with my brother and play Sonic for HOURS, I was always Tails but I was okay with it 'cause Tails could fly. Ha.

None of the other girls I knew liked to play video games, but my neighbor did, and we would play them together. She and I were best friends for a long time, we played The Lion King game on her Super Nintendo, along with Mario and others.

From there my parents bought a Nintendo 64, oh god. That thing was the love of my life. Originally we just played Mario 64 and Mario Kart. But then my Dad bought the best game of all, Zelda: Ocarina of time. That game was. Amazing. I loved it, everything about it. The story, the world. I always wished I had grown up in Hyrule and even though I looked nothing like her I convinced myself I was Princess Zelda the Seventh Sage. Literally I had it beat into my head and I was determined to have my name changed to Zelda.

I was also madly in love with Link. Typical. I gave us a wedding, I was by myself but I like to think it's still valid. Haha.

From there we went to Majoras Mask (which disappointed me greatly because I wasn't in it. Cue internal scoff.) I played other games too though, Golden Eye for N64. For example. Pierce Brosnan just didn't do it for me like Link did. I was a crazy child.

Then my neighbor and I started playing Harvest Moon 64 which was fun and soothing, but my parents made fun of me for being a girl and playing a game where I married a girl. But they also made fun of me for virtual farming, but it was a great escape and a relaxing past time.

Though I love game purely about fun, I thoroughly enjoy ones with deep and complex story lines. Ones that make you think, and make choices.

I loved Twilight Princess (only reason I still have a gamecube) and thoroughly enjoyed Tales of Symphonia though it took forever to beat. We have a Playstation 2, and forever my best friend had tried to get me to play Final Fantasy X. I bought it and tried to play it but I was never a huge fan of the turn based gameplay.

Seven years later, that friend and I no longer speak. But FFX was still sitting in that drawer, barely completed due to the frustration it brought me. But finally I pulled it out and sat down and fought through the anger it summoned when I died.

I beat it over the winter vacation. It changed me. I cried for hours after I beat it because of the storyline. (I also cried at the end of Twilight Princess but that was just because I didn't want it to be over. xD)

The point of all this is, I love video games. They are a part of my history and they are a part of me.

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maybe you did! lol but those kind of people are just sad and should just go back to their 'cool' lives which they probably did, but i love geekyness :P whats you said at the end made me think about something too, i did try to change things i liked in my childhood into simply no longer liking them, but it doesnt work out, i guess games are a part of me too, and your welcome

Haha, thank you so much for commenting. I thought maybe I was scaring people away!

The first thing I got was an N64, well was for me and my brother and parents got it as we were only wee ones :P but it was amazing i used to get scared of fighting bowser on mario 64 and my dad had to do it lol<br />
<br />
I actually lol'd when i read the part about goldeneye, thats pretty classic