Austin Healey ~ Very Sexy

1967 Austin Healey 3000 MK III! I want one! The car is so damn sexy!!!!!!!
Azara Azara
31-35, F
1 Response May 7, 2012

The automotive obsession which has prevailed my entire life can relate here. An older brother had a '67 3000- black with red interior. It wasn't his first car. That was a '59 Triumph TR 3- which would be the very first car I ever "semi-soloed" at behind the wheel of. I had the gear pattern down and could reach the pedals. kaduka-a-dunkke dunk it would go, thru my shifts. "Gas gass Gasss....!!! MORE gas....!" he'd command from the passenger seat. I was 8, 9 yrs old. And in heaven. I was cool. I was driving a TR 3. It would be a few years later, and a few cars, that he bought that Healey. In that timeframe of the mid to late '60's those Real sports cars were in essence- the "Other" British Invasion. Cramped and noisy. Steep driveways would scalp the low slung exhaust pipes. No one would work on the wire wheels- if you had a flat they were afraid of twisted spokes. You froze your *** off in winters. As sexy as they are; they could also be very temperamental. At high speeds they handled like a concrete block. Fine- as long as the driver had the continuity to oblige that characteristic. And yes I drove my brother's 3000- on several occasions. One time I hid it on him- as a joke- telling him that the police towed it off. Had him dialing the impound yard. And very upset. Through it all I can relay that in '69, at 15 yrs of age I was Most Fortunate to capture the fleeting charisma of a truly phenomenal era...the cars ..the music...As for that 3000 of his when the engine blew up.... the car was offered to me!!! The sole and only regretful reason I didn't take it was- at 15, I had no place to keep the Healey. Tucked away in grandma's garage I already had my first car- a '51 Henry J- which I still own, 40xxyrs onward. I could ramble on and on...Vroomm to ya....May God speed.......seems no one else can these least with any precession