First Slip Experience

My first ever slip experience was with a pretty pink Marks & Spencer's slip way back in the 1980's. It belonged to my aging aunt who I used to stay with a lot when I was growing up. I was 9 or 10 at the time and used to help her with hanging out the washing sometimes. One particular day I was handed this gorgeous slip to hang out. It was dripping wet as she used to like to drip-dry such garments. I just knew that at some point I just had to try this slip on. A few weeks later I got the chance to sneak into her bedroom where this slip was hanging over the back of her bedroom chair. I took it to the bathroom and tried it on - I've been hooked ever since! My aunt died a couple of years later and | managed to keep that slip and another aqua coloured one just like it. That was the start of my slip collection addiction - and I still have those two original vintage items. So soft, so beautiful to wear, I love them. I love wearing them wet too - I've never forgotten my first touch of a wet nylon slip and recreate it as often as I can. I have dozens of much more modern slips but they just don't feel the same - wet or dry!
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They say a woman never forgets her first time with a man. Well in my opinion the same can be said about a slip lover with his first slip. I will never forget my first sexual experience while wearing my mother's blue lacy full slip. It was such an intense ******.

i love slips too

i can relate

I started dressing when I was about ten that was in the sixtys. I remember that my mom had some older slips. Those were the smoothest and silky thing ever. I would go in her room and try one on. Oh what a feeling of excitment I had.

I used to wear an Auntie's slips and knickers, lovely silky material, I was about 12 and have worn silk knickers ever since.

The vintage slips from say the 1940's to maybe the early 1980's are my favorites. What they make today for the most part are very plain in both material and adornment. I only buy vintage slips now usually online. I also have an addiction to slips along with other feminine attire. I just love buying a new full or half slip (vintage of course) sometimes a cami. My collection is constantly growing.

I get most of my vintage slips from thrift stores & on the internet.As for newer ones,the only companies that come close are Ilussion,Shadowline & Farr West--these are all polyester charmeuse.

My first "Taste" of a silk slip was way back in the 1940s with 3 of my 13 aunts...who dressed me when I was taken to spend weekends with them...I was put in the family hand-me-downs to protect my good Sunday clothes...and I haven't gotten over any of that...loved the weekend experiences with them...the closest I've come since was dressing with a younger widow who dressed with and for me...provided I "secretly" deposited an "envelope" (no set amount) in her purse afterward...and I did buy her some things to wear for me...but ALWAYS the lingerie first...and the silk slips...later nylon - tho they were never the same...

I can relate. I started with slips in early 50's. they were divine. Nothing like them today.