They Get Me So Hot

I have quite a few vintage slips now maybe around 200. This includes full slips, half slips, and camisoles. I have some folded in my lingerie drawer and in the case of the camisoles and full slips have some hanging in my closet and around the bedroom so I can enjoy seeing them. I love looking at my collection and seeing how delicate and feminine they are. I love touching and fondling them which usually leads to me making love to one or more. I love to tease myself with them as well. It makes me feel so girly and feminine. I continually am adding to my collection. A sissy cannot have too many slips....giggle!! I have many other types of silky feminine clothing but slips were my first love.
Lori234 Lori234
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

You are preaching to the chior !

I can appreciate this. My first love though, was long silky nightgowns. I have 20 now and a couple more on the way from Ebay and Woman Within. It's very exciting when I have a new one to play with, as i do today, a super soft silky Miss Elaine gown with short lace-trimmed sleeves that I bought at Dillards. I am wearing it now over a Vanity Fair half-slip. Delicious.

I too enjoy long silky nightgowns. As a matter of fact these were the first items of ladies clothing that I bought for myself in my late teens. One could get away buying something like that saying that it was for a girlfriend while a slip might not be so believable. Back then I was very nervous. Today I really don't care that much what a sales girls thinks, in fact if they act like they know it is for me it gets me that more excited. However today I buy most of my stuff online due to a better selection of the extra feminine vintage items.

You have very good taste in lingerie. Miss Elaine makes very pretty gowns and if I was to name a brand of slip that I have the most of it would be Vanity Fair hands down.

There ia smothness to Vanity Fair nylon that other makers can't seem to match. VF gowns are like that too. And Miss Ealine SilkEssenace gowns are indeed pretty and just unbelievably soft and silky.