Wearing Vintage Lingerie

being a crossdresser i love wearing my vintage lingerie.this includes my stockings my girdles and my slips.and i wear them every day,
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5 Responses Jun 15, 2010

To each his own - I don't have any desire to wear these things but I buy them - for my Wife - and she wears them to bed - each and EVERY night. Delightful.

Vintage lingerie is just gorgeous! Do you like to wear French Knickers? I love them.

I like wearing old style silk nighties circa 1960's, wonderful feeling.

I buy new lingerie but I wear mostly the vintage lingerie I have found at garage sales and thrift shops. Theres just something better about the older stuff. I wish American manufactures would start making quality intimates like the did in the 40s-60s instead of farming out the work overseas and still charging an arm and a leg for the stuff.

Yes I find wearing stockings and girdles quite enjoyable I have recently been able to purchase quite a few slipps at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago the came in a box that was full of nighties and I am quite pleased to say that a lot of these nighties were my size the slips to were my size and I find wearing these close to my skin makes me feel that much more femme and confident I can not explain how much more secure in my femininity that help me feel I believe that they should not have been able to be put aside I believe a lot of woman are missing out on the feminine experience

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