Equal Rights For Transvestites!!

Hi Darlings,

I've been a femme guy most of my life and a crossdresser(Transvestite-I hate that word) since I guess about age 7 when I was dressed in my mum's lingerie by my parent's friends daughters.

I started buying my own lingerie when I was about 16 from the Sears catalog but was worried when the call came in to collect it,somehow I don't think my parents figured that out thankfully. Eventually I became brave enough to survey department stores like The Bay and Eatons here in Canada.I ended up finding a great salesgirl who was ever so helpful and polite when I took my time making my selection usually about 15 minutes before they closed in the evening.

Once or twice though I found some older women and often black ones( no offence) just scowled at me-perhaps it was a cultural thing? or maybe even a Christian type thing? I'm not sure.
I did have one young woman make derogatory comments when I was in my early 20's but they became fewer.

Thank goodness for talk shows like Phil Donahue,Montel Williams, Geraldo,Oprah etc,for featuring crossdressers and trans people and helping the general public understand a bit more of who we are.

Women used to be frowned on for wearing pants I believe somewhere back in the early 19th century and even though men wore frilly cuffed jackets and powdered wigs,it was still forbidden to wear lingerie and dresses.
We aren't doing any harm to anyone and do not openly go around recruiting others to become like us.We are not militant unlike some gays(NOT all I have some great gay pals),but we should be encouraged to dress femme as it often makes us less aggressive and kinder more gentle people.
So even though I hate the T word(transvestite) I say we should become more vocal and declare that we would like society to recognize that we would like " Equal Rights For Transvestites" !!
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May 19, 2012