Olga Shaper

I found a fantastic Olga shaper a few weeks ago and purchased it for my Wife. This one has lovely lace underwired cups with a double layer of nylon and spandex over the front panel and a spit seam up the back - a scoop type bottom that displays and enhances a woman's natural shape. Now my Dear Wife has at age 50 the perfect petite body and a lovely figure at that. She is not overly found of underwired garments but this one is so flattering I had to buy it for her. Earlier this week she scolded me because I chose a piece of lingerie for her to wear to bed and she wanted to make the choice of sleepwear herself. She dresses for bed and it is our practice to rise early and make love each morning. I love to see what she wears to bed and go to sleep dreaming of her and very much looking forward to waking from these dreams and enjoying one another. Well despite my best hints at this shaper she ignored the choice all week long. last night I laid it on her pillow before bed time. She chose another teddy to wear to bed but as I awoke there she was wearing the new to us Olga shaper - it is in perfect condition - really like new and it could be but it was so well made it is impossible to tell. It is a 34 C which is slightly large in cup size but still very comfortable for her and the lace details in the cup and perfect padding on the underwire plus good wide adjustable straps make it work and work well. Her perfect body was even more so with this smooth and taught garment over it. There is a three hook closure at the ride that can be opened for access when needed. And so we started and I gave her a long leisurely massage over all of her body, neck head etc. Then she signalled that she wanted my mouth and I set two pillows covered with a towel under her bottom which she raised for me to slip those pillows under her. I was able to simply slip her ride to her right side rather than to undo it. I preferred this as it would retain the shaper in place securely and there were her perfect parts for me to kiss, lick and caress with my mouth. I did so and I was enthusiastic and took my time caressing her body as I set to this. In time she enjoyed her ****** and asked me to stop. I was able to slowly enter her and the compression from the garment was evident as we proceeded. She was so comfortable in it and delightful with her breasts framed and presented so beautifully and her body so firm and taught. She wore this for me and she was delightful in it. In time I too orgasmed and it was wonderful. She did me the honour of liking that garment enough to wear it under her clothes for the day - magnificent.
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This morning I awoke to my Dear Wife having selected a teddy to sleep in - and a lovely garment at that. Black nylon and a sheer lace panel in front that framed and displayed her beautifully. A wonderful wrapping, a perfect invitation to love and with her extensive collection it had been months since that teddy had been worn. It was delightful to make love to her wearing it and I adore her for choosing it and looking forward to and preparing for our marital relations every morning with creativity, thought and care.