Husbands Toy

My husband has a thing for 50's style. He's had me assemble a pretty good wardrobe of fifties clothes and  lingerie. When he is in the mood, I'll put on the open bottomed girdle, the stockings and bra, topping it off with a full slip or camisole and half slip. Then a dress, he likes the a line kind or the pencil skirt and blouse. Hair, makeup and accessories  are all important  and pair of four inch spike heels to complete the ensomble. So there I am, when hubby gets home, the perfect fifties wife, his to unwrap and enjoy all the goodies underneith.

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I too purchase vintage Lingerie for my Wife but primarily for sleepwear. Long gowns, short gowns, teddies, chemises and to go with them my all time favourite - tap panties. Why? The entire point is that these things are sensual, respectable and sexually accessible - with no need to remove the garments for marital relations.

he is a lucky man to have such a sexy giving wife

I have a large collection of vintage lingerie and take every opportunity to wear it, it is so stylish and I love wearing it.

And I thought I was lucky !

Your husband is a fortunate man. He also has very good taste in enjoying classic women's wear.

Congratulations, MrsRachelle - You win the award for the greatest wife of the century!

you should dress him up too.

Very lucky hubby....