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I Want To Wear Mine Through Airport Security

I am so into wearing vintage nylon stockings. I love how they look and feel on my legs. I am so comfortable wearing them. My love for these stems from my childhood when I would see my mom's oh so very mouthwateringly sexy looking legs in her vintage nylons. Whooo I still get a tingle and arousement just thinking about that. i admired and lusted afetr her sexy legs and feet each time she wore these type nylons. I would have kissed her feet and legs for hours at a time while she wore them. as i did this I would have also told her how beautiful sexy and desirable she was.
Eventually I must have figured I loved my mom's vintage type nylon stockings so much, i began trying them on. I was hooked the first time. It was like I was naturally meant to wear vintage nylon stockings. Of course i also wore mom's garterbelts, panties, girdles, slips, dresses, makeup, high heels, the whole nine yards. This locked me into my transvestite lifestyle I so enjoy today. Mom's vintage stockings started that and my lifelong leg, foot, nylonstocking/pantyhose, and high heeled shoe fetishes. it was well worth it.
I would love to put on a frilly panty, an 8 or 10 strap garterbelt with the metal garter tabs, and a pair of vintage nylon stockings under my jeans or pants. Then i would love to go to the busy airport and walk through airport security. i know the tabs would set off the alarms. They would make me walk through a few times, then use the wand to find where the metal item is. once they locate where the metal is, I would have to explain and probably show them so they would know it is nothing harmful. I am going to do this sometime in the future. I am so very excited about doing it, I am amazed by the high level of excitement.
i will of course write how this goes in a future story on here.

1trj 1trj 41-45, M 2 Responses Nov 11, 2010

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Thank you LLIL for the info. That was very helpful. I don't like the plastic tabs either. They are too cheaply made and do not do a real good job. That sounds fun wearing that stuff through airports. I don't fly often, but next time I do I will try it. You have a great day.

I have travelled through airports umpteen times, i am a longline bra and girdle wearer 7/7 and and pinged of he alarms a lot, they just pat theirs hands over my body and realize what i am wearing and let me go, sometimes at high alert time or if i get a know all guard they would take to a private search area and asked me to reveal myself to prove what i'm wearing, some of the personnel are envious of my figure when they see me standing there in my corsetry and fully fashioned stockings, i always wear metal garters but you can avoid all the fuss if you wear plastic tabs which i would never do.