My Pin Up

My daughter is mortified when anyone has to use my bathroom because I have an Al Buell (Al Leslie) pin up of a naked woman prominently displayed there.

I love this pic because it belonged to my grandfather.  When he worked in Mexico managing a candellia wax company in the 40s he would be gone for weeks at a time.  The hotel that he stayed at was very art-challenged so they took old calendars and framed the pictures.

In my grandfather's room was a frame containing an Al Leslie bathing beauty.  My grandfather fell in love with her and took her home with him when he checked out.  Somehow he talked my grandmother into letting him hang his beauty in their only bathroom.

I grew up looking at her and appreciating the beauty that Buell created.  When my grandfather died I begged my dad to let me have the calendar print.

I look at her every day...think of my grandad....and smile.

BeeAlone BeeAlone
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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

This is a wonderful story. Pin up art is incredibly sensual in my mind.

I love the plane art<br />
the pic they would paint on the WWII planes <br />

That's a beautiful story BeeAlone. I fondly remember my Grandmother collecting Vargas items and drawing some herself (she was quite talented).

my favorite artist is Elvgren, but I like many others. the women seem to be sexy, flirty, and really beautiful. if only women dressed like that today, then i would get no work done. too many distractions, lol.

They are wonderful. Classy, sexy and classic. Never vulgar or demeaning to women. i love them too.