I Love Panties

Well I probably first noticed panties way back in Kindergarten and it has grown from there. Pants were not so popular back then. Little girl on swings and hanging upside down on monkey bars were quite a treat. It has not changed much except the girl are older now and even more fun to see. It seems that girls were always supposed to be so proper and everything was hidden away.

But Jr High was a real treat for me. Now we had Cheerleaders and Pom Pon squads in short skirts. High school got me a locker next to the Girls locker room all I can say is WOW. Kind of reminiscent of the Porky"s gang. We used to drop books at the bottom of the stairs to sneak a panty peek. Got caught by the teachers a couple of times. They were probably watching too. Was it worth it Hell Yeah.

Best place to sit was the front right corner of the class room. You could see everyone from there. The pencil drop was a classic panty peek move.Had to dodge a football player for a few day cause he caught me peeking up his girlfriends skirt. Would do it again if I thought I could get away with it.

Thank god for skirts and dresses. Guys don't get that anymore. Magazines and the internet can never replace the real thing. A little whale tail and no VPL cannot compare. But I still turn around to check for VPL's. Been caught by the ladies checking out their bum more than a few times. Now I have to wait for windy days a panty peeker's dream. And the occasional glimpse here or there. Still love panties and the delicate creatures who wear them. Always will!
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Its best thing ever. Hmmmm

Really very hot!

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i grew up and went to school in the petticoat and mini-skirt era. and i enjoyed both sides of the experience. as a genetic male, sexually naive and always curious about looking up other girl's skirts, because i was diaper dependent and only wore panties for an hour or two on saturday after noons. and since i got to grew up believing i was better off as a girl. i also got to experience how it felt always noticing the boys getting a good look up my petticoated skirts and dresses.<br />
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and after my mom passed away, i went on to explore the rest of my life living as a fulltime (t)gurl. and that's when i really got to enjoy teasing boys and men with ******* shots and panty or diaper lines showing through my shorts, tight skirts, and sheer trousers. which is also how i "caught" the attention of my wife.<br />
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and even though i've been happily "married with children" for 17 years now. i still get off on looking up other girl's and ladies skirts, noticing "pantylines", and watching the reactions on boys and men after they get a shot of mine. it all makes getting older, a tad more exciting.<br />
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thanks for bringing this up.<br />
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