Walking Around With A Hard-on In Jeans

Sometimes i touch my **** through jeans (if I naughty enough I don´t cover the visible penis outlines). One day this summer (~35°C) I walked around and don´t covered my hard-on in my light blue tight girls-jeans (nothing under) and people saw me...
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4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

nice. i make sure that everyone can see my visible penis line - i wear a cockring and ball stretcher to keep things front and center.

I did it today:<br />
I was sitting in a little café of a local public park, drinking coffee, as I decided to pee in my tigh light-blue girls-jeans (many sexy holes on the frontside of the thighs, and black fishnets underneath - visible through the holes - I love the look). So I did! I pressed my legs together and let out some good squirts. I spreaded the nice wetness with my hands all over my legs. I enjoyed it so much that I had a visible penis-outline. Ididn't hided the nice bulge ans I payed the bill and sayed good- beye to the nice waitress. I left the café and walked to the public library, sat down on a chair and let out a little squirt to hold my jeans wet.<br />
I enjoy it so much to pee in public, and I enjoy it to show the bulge in my jeans...

mmmmm lovely story, I bet many people see your penis-outline, its so hot to show it, I love to show it to. I often have small shorts that shows my hard **** good when I pissed in them.

I love sitting in a public bus with a visible hard-on in my jeans... ;)

i did the same once