Homorous Experience With Skimpy Swimwear

Wife and I were in Mexico at a resort. I'd bought a suit from Skinz - an unlined rio-back string side bikini. It was thin and clingy enough that it showed my circumcision scar! But it was not sheer - I retained that slim measure of modesty. It is a great piece of swimwear - dries in about five minutes and isn't even noticeable save the support it provides. There isn't much left to the imagination as far as what's underneath.
One afternoon we met a pleasant couple who mentioned they took me for a European when they had seen me the previous day. When I asked why they said that most American men are in poor shape and wear dorky board shorts. That was a nice compliment and made all the effort at fitness worthwhile! I wore that suit almost all the time for the rest of the week. I figured if anyone didn't like it they could look somewhere else.
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3 Responses Mar 20, 2011

Good for you, although I think a good looking guy can look good in ANY kind of swimwear. If they are cute and fit, it wouldn't matter. HAHA

Good for you brother... I hate the shorts that look like short pants.

if ya got it flaunt it. we wore competative style.speedos on swim team and they showed every thing esp if cut . i have a large head w/ ridge and it always showed esp when wet and when we wore the white one. a gang of highschool dudes showing every line, crease and dark pubic hair patch. it was quite the scene, showing up at an away meet. guys wrestling singlets show a hella of a lot too and i usually had a pretty full hardon after rubbing all over another guys body plus the hormones and the adrenaline.